Pond Liner v Concrete shell

If you are a first time garden pond builder, chances are, you will be torn between a pre-made concrete or fibreglass shell, or a liner.  Obviously, I prefer a liner (and that’s why I sell them!). A liner gives you the freedom to build your pond at any size, shape or depth. And if the hole you dig is a bit rough, well, all the better if you are going for a natural shape!  The other option is concreting the hole yourself, but then, that’s just too much hard work for me!

And of course, there is always the risk of cracks, and worse, concrete contains lime and chemicals which are toxic for fish. The best way to make your concrete pond safe for fish, is with a liner. So as far as I’m concerned, you may as well just cut straight to the liner! It’s quick, easy, and much cheaper than a quality pre-made shell.

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