Size matters when it comes to garden ponds

While bigger isn’t always better, when it comes to fish ponds, the most common regret is indeed size related. In a survey of first time pond builders, most said they wished their pond was bigger. Some had planned to make their ponds bigger, but got sick of digging and changed their plans part way through, and some were too small from the outset. Others had bought their pond liner before planning the pond, so were restricted by their materials. But whatever the reason, the end result was the same – they felt that their pond was too small, and if they were doing it over, would make it larger.

A small pond limits the number of fish and /or plants you can add – the bigger the pond, the more fish you can have.  And while it is true that goldfish tend to only grow to suit their pond size, koi do not.

Once you’ve worked out where your pond is going, and what shape you want, use a rope or garden hose to mark out the edge of the pond. This way it is really easy to adjust the shape and size around until you are 100% happy with the result.


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