Can I join two smaller liners to make a larger one?

Ideally, you shoud have the two sections profesionally welded (which is what we do), however, this is not always a practical solution! If you need to need to make a join, you can use a pool liner adhesive, but you will also need to use a natural cure (non toxic) silicone (the same stuff they use in fish tanks) to seal the join and prevent any chemicals leeching from the glue.

Firstly, seal the edge to be joined with the natural cure silicone. We recommend a 10cm wide seam – glue the first 5cm, leaving a 5cm flap free of adhesive. Let it cure for 24 hours, then seal the flap with the non-toxic, natural cure silicone. Leave to cure for another minimum of 24 hours, then wash with a mild detergent (such as softly), and rinse thoroughly before use.


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